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Monday, July 12, 2010

july 12. a theft discovered on june 25th

naregatsi art institute gallery, nothers exhibit
25 june
jerry and roger had been traveling in tbilisi and were not at the opening. they went to the gallery to see the work on friday where i met them. while i had been there everyday i guess i had not inspected the work with an eye toward thievery. they stood under it looking up and asked me to take a photo (above). as i did, jerry gasped. a piece had been cut off and was gone. we all then looked carefully and it turned out that 7 forms had been cut off and taken.

when i told raphael, a staff member, and then levon and nara, they were beyond shocked. in its five year history nothing had ever been taken but a poster lying about on a table. they offered to call the police but in the scheme of life, and with the possibility of identifying and locating the thieves zero, i told them not to.

as the tale was retold i was assured that the theft was a compliment for no one would have taken the pieces had they not thought them worth the risk. but, ...

do stay tuned...

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