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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tuesday morning, 26 may 2010

i am working in clay -- making many multiples for an installation. clay is very process oriented and on a schedule outside of my own, e.g. once a piece is made it must dry slowly in order to be fired. and the klin must then be available for me to fire my work. i arrive at the studio when it opens at 10am and am there until 10:30pm. this does not allow time right now to explore my neighborhood, the center of the city or sites outside of yerevan. when the initial work is done the next steps in my process will give me greater flexibility with time.

sunday i was to meet movses to let me into the studio at 9:30 as he was coming by just to collect his own work to sell at vernesage market. there was a small glitch. i was locked in. it seems that once the evening security guard leaves sunday mornings the door is locked until his return sunday night. i knew about the need to call (susanna to call the hostel manager as there is a language barrier) to get in before 8pm but did not realize that i woudl not be able to get out without making arrangements beforehand. thus, taking a page from asheer's bag of anecdotes i had not choice but to jump out of the window if i was going to make it to the studio in time to be let in so that i could spend the day at work. attached is an image of a door and windows. my escape was made through the 2nd window to the right (your right) of the door. the one with the ledge. nifty, huh?

but, i made it to meet movses at the studio on time.

must run. more anon.

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