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Saturday, May 22, 2010

oops! 5/22

i was not finished nor had i edited my post when i obviously touched some button inadvertently and the screen disappeared and the posting was up. sorry. i will finish quickly. after a lot of walking around trying to get oriented (those of you who know me understand the challenge that poses as i am directionally challenged) we had a delicious meal at caucasus. favored by artists, among others, the food is armenian and georgian (reminiscent of middle eastern cuisine) and was delicious and inexpensive in comparison to american (*nyc) restaurants. the waitress, who was sweet but not great at her job, obliged us by taking the image above as is the photo of asheer scoping out the art college for a potential location for his sculpture.

when we left the restaurant it started to pour after two days of sunshine. susanna put me into a nyc subway-like packed mini bus and told the driver where to let me off. i hoped for the best and the driver did advise me of my stop. i went food shopping in the very up-to-the-minute "food market" yes, there is a huge sign reading FOOD MARKET (the next day i returned with dictionary in hand) where
earlier in the day i had been to a local deli-like place around the corner from the hostel. then i headed home.

yesterday i spent the day working in the ceramic studio. everyone was lovely and sign language worked but as the studio filled up with adult students throughout the day as well as some high school kids i was sorry that i was not able to share in the conversation. the music however, a radio not CDs, was totally familiar all day: from aretha franklin, to charles aznavour, to american and brazilian music from the 1950s through the 90s.

my work progressed slowly but i look forward to getting into a faster, if not frantic, rhythm tomorrow (today movses was unavailable to open the studio up so i am catching up on a lot and soon hope to head out to explore the business center of this area which is a bit of a walk but appeared to be open stalls when i rode past in the mini-van.)

so for now and probably a while, hello and goodbye from yerevan. scd

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