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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

going to kansas city...!!

14 february 2012, tuesday

happy valentine's day. 

on saturday, march 10, 2012, i will be presenting my experience as an ACSL (art & cultural studies laboratory) artist-in-residence in yerevan, armenia in the summer of 2010.

the presentation will take place at the Kansas City Artists Coalition (KCAC) in kansas city, missouri.

on the program with me will be two other recipients of a Lighton International Artists Exchange Program Grant: ehren tool and jessica seagall

i am delighted to have this opportunity to relive the experience and encourage others to consider an ACSL residency.

i am also very happy that one of the umm el-fahem palestinian-israeli art gallery artists is currently exploring with KCAC the possibility of participating in KCAC's new International Artists Residency program. stay tuned....

and for any of you who might be in NYC later this year, i have been awarded a 2012 Manhattan Community Arts Fund Grant, funded by the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs and administered by the LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council). in the months since i submitted the proposal last august the project has become more challenging because of the current environment in lower manhattan.

i am energized to meet the various challenges and potential roadblocks to engaging the public in the creation of the work and the exhibition of the finished piece in a downtown location. i will post more detailed information on my web site (desselstudio) and perhaps on this blog as i move forward.

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