(note: the time stamp of all posts and comments on this blog is the time in umm el-fahem, israel)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

p.s. wednesday, 19 october 2011

post script to last two postings:

oops. sorry for the duplicate (?triplicate?) postings. it appears that one cannot edit without re-posting the entire entry.

i am now sitting in our darkened kitchen where i cannot feel the delicious breeze or the sun on my toes, but i can see the computer  screen which i need to do whether working on the blog or on the gallery's collection's documentation.

i have wnyc on in the background as i feel quite cut off from the news.  strange, sitting here in umm el-fahem, so far from home in so many ways yet so connected. Said and others here have mentioned to me how far away tel aviv can seem to the inhabitants of umm el-fahem while at the same time how close america feels because of technology.

we take so much for granted re: our world view(s) but minimize or ignore the complexities of the impact and ramifications of technology in 2011 on others whose point of reference is not western culture.

you who are reading my blog understand. but those among us, fellow americans as they say, who are not exposed through travel and experience to/do not interact with cultures unlike our own, who are not sensitive to the miscommunication and  "speaking" at cross currents that occurs among and between peoples. scary.


  1. Susan!
    I didn't realize that you had a blog. Now that I know I will be checking in as often as I can...I look forward to this connection!

  2. Fascinating. I am so glad to read about what you are doing and experiencing. At the same time, of course, deeply saddened by the story of the man and his sons killed. Thank you for doing this and writing about it so we can all learn and understand more. J.